Join Hope Gatekeepers' mission to end suicide and support families who lost a loved to suicide. 

Hope Gatekeepers is growing its team and its mission to end suicide. We need your help to get our first mobile mental health checkup on the road to meet the people in our communities. Our goal is $25,000 which will allow us to purchase a vehicle, table, chairs, canopy, and all materials and literature for local support groups.

With the pandemic still a concern in Los Angeles, the mobile mental health checkup program will allow Hope Gatekeepers to stay outside and follow all guidelines.

The purpose of Hope Gatekeepers' mobile mental health checkup relies on the need for people to learn about suicide prevention—and be ready to help a person dealing with suicidal ideation. On average there are 130 suicide per day. The rise in suicide attempts has increased and mental health has become a concern. What are we doing to help? Hope Gatekeepers is ready to go out to the public and support the people right here in our neighbors. It's time for us to stop the stigma on mental health and bring hope to our cities. Will you help us reach the people in our schools, small businesses, churches, neighborhoods, and organizations that need support? Please consider donating any amount to reach our goal and reach the people! 

If you have any questions please feel free to call (424) 220-9206 or email hope@hopegatekeepers 

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Your donation is tax-deductible 

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We did it! (Happy Dancing)

Because of your loving donation we were able to purchase a custom popup tent, table, and chairs! We are still working on getting a vehicle to be able to travel through Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County (hopefully further one day!). Let's end suicide together!

Hope Gatekeepers Team

How does your donation help?

  • Your donation goes to the people in the communities where you live. We provide training and education to help with suicidal ideation and/or someone who needs help with how to deal with suicidal people.

  • Hope Gatekeepers gives away thousands of free brochures, books, and other materials that provide questions and answers about suicide, how to deal with suicide, and local resources.

  • Your donation allows Hope Gatekeepers to travel to your cities with our custom popup to provide support to people around your neighborhoods.

  • Your donation is used to give away boxes filled with food, clothing, and other items to suicide survivors who were hit with unexpected costs or decrease of income because of suicide. 

  • Your donation supports the ASK and PREVENT™ and SAVE the SURVIVORS™ campaigns to reach thousands of people who need help and support.

  • Your donation helps with everyday costs like, website maintenance, events, conferences, and outreach opportunities to spread hope to the broken-hearted.

  • Your donation helps to end suicide.

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Suicide Prevention Class

Hope Gatekeepers provides free online suicide prevention classes. Just as you believe in CPR classes to hopefully save a life—we believe taking a suicide prevention class may save a life.

Hope Gatekeepers Mental Health Checkup Popup

Mental Health Checkup

September 24, 2021, Hope Gatekeepers will start visiting our communities to bring HOPE. Join us as we educate our communities about suicide prevention and mental health awareness.



Our events are uplifting and inspirational for those who lost a loved one to suicide or just have a heart for supporting our communities. Hope Gatekeepers are hope givers and will continue to support families affected by suicide.