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The night of Jason’s death I kneeled down next to my daughter Angel’s crib, as I watched her sleep—without realizing what I was doing for myself, I used words of affirmation to get through the night and then each year after. I was able to continue my education and receive my bachelor’s degree in sociology and minor in women’s studies. I rented my first apartment and decorated each room to meet the needs of Angel and myself. I kept on going and I didn’t stop. Although I did have my bad days, I wanted to fulfill my dreams and I wanted Angel to be proud of her mama. Through all the trials and turbulations I knew God held me in His hands, and I knew someday I would make a difference in the world. From what was the most horrific tragedy in my life, I decided to grow a garden of hope. With God’s mercy and grace, I am dedicating every day to bring suicide awareness to our communities. 

Misty Mota Rivera


Gatekeeper of Hope | Mental Health Advocate 

Faith Martinez

My Dad died by suicide when I was only a baby—although I don't remember him, the brokenness he left for me to deal with has been a journey of forgiveness and healing. Today, I am telling my story to help people who have suicidal ideations and express my feelings of the aftermath of losing a loved one to suicide. My story tells of what and who people leave behind.


You are not alone, the world needs and wants you to live—there's HOPE!


Gatekeeper of Hope | Mental Health Advocate 

Over the years I have dealt with people with suicide ideations, and unfortunately lost loved ones to suicide. Since then, my love and hope for people has grown tremendously. Whether you are dealing with depression, anxiety, auto-immune disease, or any mental illness; there are times we feel like giving up on life. What I've learned and experienced first hand is that people need people to listen and understand why they are feeling a certain way. That's why I've dedicated myself to support Hope Gatekeepers and its mission to end suicide and bring hope to the hopeless.

Carol Arivett
Outreach Volunteer


Certified Instructor for Suicide Prevention  | Director of Online Prayer

Throughout my life I have faced numerous trials.  One of which was when my mom passed by suicide on her 57th birthday.  Over time it has become my greatest desire to encourage others with God’s hope through His word and through prayer as they face life’s hardest challenges.  I thank God every day that we don’t have to do it alone.  With Him we can and will make it through. I am living proof!

Misty Robinson
Director of Online Prayer & New Jersey Outreach


Gatekeeper of Hope | Suicide Prevention Advocate

A local realtor for the Southbay area and also spends time serving at her church. She received her bachelor’s degree in International Business from Loyola Marymount University. She is a wife to her loving husband, Phillip, and a mother to their beautiful daughter, Nykole, whom they recently adopted. Brittany and her husband have been fostering since 2014. As a foster parent, Brittany was able to learn firsthand the many unimaginable traumas the children and youth had experienced. Sadly, many of the children at some point or another had either contemplated suicide or attempted it. For this reason, Brittany gravitated towards Hope Gatekeepers. She loves their mission of supporting the community with resources to prevent suicide, and supporting families impacted by suicide. Brittany is honored to work passionately alongside Hope Gatekeepers to end suicide forever! 

Brittany Ramos 
Board of Advisory Member

Gatekeeper of Hope | Suicide Prevention Advocate

Dealing with depression as a teen can feel extremely lonely. In 2020, I suffered from depression after being isolated from my friends. Everyday seemed like there was no reason to live. One day, my dad had me read the book 6 Pillars of Self Esteem by Nathaniel Branden, and I started to see my life differently. I realized I needed to work on my self esteem and become aware of my mental health. Now, I have a better understanding on what I need to do for myself to stay in a positive mindset and be mindful of my thoughts. I want to be able to help other teens know that they are not alone.

Keira Rivera
Teen Outreach

Gatekeeper of Hope | Suicide Prevention Advocate

Myrna Guevara is a loving wife of a military veteran and a mother of four. She is the co-founder of Power & Poise, which was created to uplift and encourage others to reach their highest potential. She is also in the process of launching her 4 year old daughter's clothing line, "Jordan's Friends." In her spare time, she serves in different ministries ranging from women's, couples, children's, hospitality, prayer and more at Rolling Hills Covenant Church. Myrna has a heart for helping others which is why she is so thrilled about serving as a Board of Advisory member for Hope Gatekeepers. She is both excited and honored to be apart this organization that is saving the world one life at a time! 

Myrna Guevara
Board of Advisory