Our Work

Hope Gatekeepers is a nonprofit organization that serves to bring awareness to our communities through free educational training, local resources, and support for the hopeless. As suicide prevention instructors and mental health advocates, our work begins at awareness and continues by supporting families affected by suicide. 


Community Outreach

With our mental health check up popup, Hope Gatekeepers is able to reach the people in the community who would otherwise not seek help. Our team provides hope through awareness, local services for help, and community support for pathway to healing.

Free online suicide prevention classes

Hope Gatekeepers provides free Zoom online suicide prevention classes. These classes are hosted by a Certified Suicide Prevention Instructor that teach warning signs of a suicidal person, how to ask questions, and where to go for help.

Suicide Prevention Class
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Suicide Prevention + Mental Health Awareness Events

Events are hosted in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. 


Learn from mental health and suicide prevention experts.

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Do Your Part To Save Lives!

Download this free booklet as a resource. Save on your phone or computer to send to people you care about. Spread awareness through a simple act of action!

Free Download of Suicide Prevention Booklet