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Survivors of Suicide Loss

Families are left without the help of their loved one who died by suicide. 


After my first husband died by suicide, I was left without the help of my husband. Finances changed—I went from wife to widow with a two year old daughter. I needed therapy to cope with the devastation and unanswered questions. When you’re on a low budget income—the things you need get left unmet. 


I’m truly thankful that my husband’s father was able to pay for my husband’s funeral—but what about the families who can’t afford the unexpected death of their loved ones? There are wives, husbands, mothers and fathers who lost a loved one to suicide and now need therapy, help with food and clothing—because finances have changed. Save the Survivors™️ is a campaign to help families that need help due to a loved one’s death by suicide. 

A Story of HOPE

Hope Gatekeepers Suicide Survivor Care Packages


Our team knows the hurt.

As suicide survivors, we understand what goes along with suicide and the aftermath. Today, Hope Gatekeepers is sending care packages to the loved ones left behind because no one should feel alone or abandoned.