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Hope Gatekeepers Suicide Prevention


On September 23, 2002, my daughter Angel and I lost Jason Joe Martinez to suicide and sadly began a new life without him. As a young widow and Angel without a father, life seemed doomed and hopeless. There were no notes, letters, or visits to help us grieve or make us feel we weren't alone. For the family members and friends that were there; it felt like they didn't understand. They didn't understand the shame and guilt. They didn't understand that I was trying my best to keep living.  Not everyone knows what words to give to someone who is grieving the lost of a loved one who died by suicide—and that's okay. However, Hope Gatekeepers is a group of people who do understand because they too lost someone to suicide. For those who don't understand or just want to send a reminder that you're thinking of them—care packages are available to send out to survivors of suicide lost.

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